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The mission of the KU Leuven Faculty of Engineering Science is to educate high-quality engineers for the benefit of society

The Faculty brings the intellectual and human capital of each individual student to a higher level by offering him or her a research-based education in scientific and engineering fundamentals. The Faculty stimulates students to practice in-depth learning by addressing and challenging their “disciplinary future self”, to make them aware of who they wish to become as a professional (Beruf) and as members of society in general (Bildung). In order to stimulate the development of the students’ disciplinary future self, the Faculty provides multidisciplinary programmes that acquaint students with the engineering profession and with related disciplines. We value both breadth and depth of knowledge, expanding the reasoning, communication and problem-solving abilities, in order to prepare students for life-long learning. Our research-oriented education is based on research programmes which are defined and developed in close collaboration with recognized international peers and with industry.

Strategy. The following strategic objectives enable the KU Leuven Faculty of Engineering Science to realize its mission, which entails preparing students for the world of tomorrow where societal, environmental and human dimensions play an important role due to the advent of complex technical and societal challenges that require a multidisciplinary approach. It means teaching students how to learn, preparing them for life-long learning, aiming both at “Bildung” and “Beruf”, two complementary elements, where “Bildung” consists of the development of values, culture and citizenship and “Beruf” focuses on the development of entrepreneurship, professional and leadership skills.


SO1. To define programme outcomes that meet international standards of engineering education.

SO2. To offer programmes that deliver broadly educated engineers, well grounded in the basics of mathematics, sciences, and technology, who can expand their vision of design through a basis in the humanities, and exhibit strong analytical skills, practical ingenuity, good communication skills, and are knowledgeable of business and management principles. The Faculty aims to educate engineers as generalist professionals to operate in a variety of complex environments.

SO3. To contact our students in our Bachelor’s programme, with a range of engineering disciplines through multidisciplinary education, before they specialize in the Master’s. The multidisciplinary character of our Bachelor of Engineering: Architecture programme is formed through an intensive combination of technical construction sciences, the theory of architecture and architectural design classes. The multidisciplinary character of our Bachelor of Engineering programme is achieved through a combination of both a major and a minor in two different disciplines, after being acquainted with all options during the first three general semesters.

SO4. To provide an environment in which students are given the essential resources to develop their design and problem-solving abilities and abilities to address, research and solve real-life problems, through both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


SO5. To perform internationally recognized and relevant research - both applied and theoretical - that will positively impact and improve our education, profession, and society. The Faculty has many research groups that are internationally recognized in their field, enabling teaching staff to train highly qualified engineering students in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Students receive a research-oriented education through an academic experience of learning about research and putting it into practice.

SO6. To promote the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge to companies and society by actively seeking projects in collaboration with industry, public authorities, and societal organizations, and by offering continued further education and training in the most recent developments in the field.


SO7. To develop an international open policy and atmosphere; to offer a variety of opportunities for international experiences; to prepare students for a career in an international context; to attract students having the right academic background in a wide range of international programmes.

SO8. To offer stimulating research environment for international short- and long-term visitors and to promote international mobility for its researchers.


SO9. To invest in state-of-the-art education.

SO10. To professionalize lecturers and teaching assistants (TAs) through a programme that is adjusted continuously and taking into account the growing number of diverse backgrounds of teaching assistants and more diverse learning methods.

SO11. To work on the continuous improvement of our programmes based on an explicit internal quality assurance policy.

SO12. To attract students with the right academic background profile, both first-year Bachelor’s students as well as lateral-entry students, with an eye for diversity, including gender balance.

SO13. To promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in society, and more particularly in secondary and even primary schools.


Welcome to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, one of the oldest universities in Europe. We offer high-quality education based on cutting-edge international scientific research and excellent, wide-ranging student facilities. Leuven is a picturesque historic town, but one that is bustling with life and lives at a student’s rhythm.

Situated in Belgium, in the heart of Western Europe, KU Leuven has been a center of learning for nearly six centuries. Today, it is Belgium's largest university and, founded in 1425, one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe. As a leading European research university and co-founder of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), KU Leuven offers a wide variety of international master’s programmes, all supported by high-quality, innovative, interdisciplinary research.

Since its founding, KU Leuven has been based in the city that shares its name. Leuven is a pleasant, safe and bustling student town, where centuries-rich history meets cutting-edge science. The university also offers degree programmes at campuses in 11 Belgian cities, including Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp.

Mission statement

KU Leuven fulfills its mission by providing high-quality interdisciplinary research and education with a Catholic signature.

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Master of Conservation of Monuments and Sites (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个



专业经验(推荐) 语言知识(建议;要求使用英文) 收购和开发保护和恢复的所有基本领域的足够知识; 在这些保护和修复科目,是最接近于学生自身的(第一个)学科获得的专业知识; 收购需要在恢复或遗产管理项目跨学科的交流,从而推进专业实践和/或科研于文物保护领域的必要的共同语言。



Master of Electrical Engineering (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个



目标 根据所选择的选项,学生有以下几个方面之一的深入了解: 电子和集成电路,重点在设计电子元件和系统。 嵌入式系统和多媒体,重点在设计电子系统的应用程序。 能创造性地运用,拓展,深化和整合的电气工程的不同领域的知识。 能独立掌握的知识,并在解决问题的过程中所需要的技术状态。 能够独立发现,处理和评价文学和技术手册。 能够合成,建立一个研究计划,开发创新解决方案的一个现实问题(更复杂的性质),同时考虑系统边界。 可以审慎评估的研究成果。 [-]

Master of Engineering: Energy (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


目标 毕业生可向纪律推理的方法(如交互电力系统的组件之间作为对可再生能源的稳定,节能和热力学夹点分析,市场力量和一体化基地),并能识别并驳斥谬论。 [-]

Master of Human Settlements (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 1 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


它拥有强大的科研基础,对人类住区,给空间作为资源的核心作用(在城市改造)的学科的科学基础的重视,并作为整合的媒介。 有校友的广泛网络和良好的信誉促进合作的活跃系统配套的设计工作室的话题,硕士论文题目等的选择 这种分析能力是一个重要的合成技能结合,设计,开发并表达在不同规模层次的干预措施。


升学 [-]

Master of Materials Engineering (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


后两种套餐包括工业实习。 这些主题通常是嵌入在与其他机构和/或工业公司合作的前沿研究项目。 学费 聚光灯 毕业生: 意识到的材料,材料的创新的重要性,并在社会中的变化一材料工程师的作用。 升学 材料是在我们的生活和经济福利的质量的心脏,这将继续在可预见的未来的情况下,特别是考虑到需要建立一个可持续发展的世界,并明智地利用我们的资源。 [-]

Master of Mathematical Engineering (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 1 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


国际的 优势

我们的目标是多学科背景的学生准备,也就是说,在多学科环境,在数学中起着重要作用的技术问题解决方案的设计。 具体地,重点在于在过程控制,数值模拟,数据挖掘,加密,和可视化的情况下的技术技能。


Master of Mechanical Engineering (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个

工程机械是工程科学的研究非常广泛的领域。 它集成了几乎所有学科的技术。 即在现代,日常生活中使用的任何设备或产品是不同的基本技术之间正在进行的协同作用的结果。 总之,所有产品在现代社会从不同的技术学科合并起来。 工程机械是一家专业为实现这一首选的集成商。 [+]

工程机械是工程科学的研究非常广泛的领域。 它集成了几乎所有学科的技术。


Master of Nuclear Engineering (Leuven et al)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个




核物理过程的透彻理解; 必要的控制核反应过程的程序和技术的综合知识; 能力设计和维护结构来控制核反应过程; [-]

Master of Safety Engineering (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 1 - 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


在许多国家,对于科学家和工程师谁是知识渊博,在安全工程和安全管理领域的学术水平培养了永久的和不断增长的需求。 这是由于工业生产过程的日益复杂和越来越多的规章制度,无论是在欧洲和国际。

此外,在一些国家(包括比利时),超出公司具有一定规模处理具体的风险必须依法聘用,甚至还雇有一个认证的预防顾问。 该认证可以通过(Certificaat Preventieadviseur需要等级1)科学安全工程硕士的预防选择被收购。



Master of Science in Engineering: Logistics and Traffic

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个

This master program forms engineering students in traffic and intelligent transportation systems (design, maintenance, and management of infrastructure and (public) transportation systems), and in logistics and transportation (supply chain engineering, distribution logistics, etc). The program is all about the complex interaction between different aspects and the possibility for optimization of processes both for logistic as for traffic. The focus is on the application of new (intelligent) transportation technologies. [+]

The world of traffic evolves fast! Just think of the rise of the self-driving car. Besides the traditional governments, road admissions and public traffic firms, traffic becomes more than ever big business for trendy firms. Examples are Google, Tesla, and Uber or fun apps like Moovit and Waze. In most cities, you can already find car and bike sharing systems (e.g. Villo, Cambio and Car2Go) and enterprises that provide completely integrated packages of Mobility-as-a-Service and want to ban private cars to the history lessons.

Are you one of the young ambitious engineers of this new generation and would you like to help this revolution?

The world of logistics is constantly changing. Familiar terms such as e-commerce are in fact a super dynamic logistic machine with a web-store as visible outing: when you click on ‘buy now’, somewhere in Utrecht or Dresden a machine pops into action and within 24 hours your purchase is delivered at your front door anywhere in Belgium. Behind the scenes, optimization stays the keyword. Airplanes, vans, and cargo-bikes today, maybe in the future drones or automatic vans, will deliver your packages. The same process appears in the supply chain of enterprises that constantly redesigns due to new players, different prices and new technologies like 3D printing since the old solutions became too expensive or dispensable.... [-]

Master of Urbanism and Strategic Planning (Leuven)

校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


此外,毕业生能够专注于战略项目的组成方式。 这包括搜索,选择和评估的信息来源。 这种分析能力辅以构思,发展和表达的各种比例级别干预的能力。


升学 [-]


校园课程 全日制 在职学习 1 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个

调查情报的真正本质是当今最迷人的研究途径之一。 在认知过程和模型,自然语言和认知,人类的知识,表示和推理的研究进展证明了这一点。 一位科学界的主要研究目标是智能机器人的发展。 人工智能的硕士探索和建立在这种挑战,你愿意吗? [+]

调查情报的真正本质是当今最迷人的研究途径之一。 在认知过程和模型,自然语言和认知,人类的知识,表示和推理的研究进展证明了这一点。 一位科学界的主要研究目标是智能机器人的发展。 人工智能的硕士探索和建立在这种挑战,你愿意吗?





校园课程 全日制 在职学习 1 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个




甚至比其他专家多了,你会被要求解决一个非常不同性质的问题。 洞察在纳米和微观尺度流程是用于新产品和/或(百万级)技术发展的根本。





校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个

我们生活在一个数字世界。 [+]



这法师会培养你成为发展的专家,前期专业使用的电脑和软件系统。 如今,这些系统在我们的社会中几乎所有领域不可缺少的:在产业,公共部门,卫生和最终用户的许多社交应用。



学费 结构

在这两个专业,你会进行自己的研究和发展新技术,在国际研究界顶级专家指导。... [-]


校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个

纳米技术与nanoenginineering此门科学,纳米材料的新和新的组件,系统和产品nanoconcepts的应用。 [+]

升学 [-]



校园课程 全日制 在职学习 2 年 September 2018 比利时 鲁汶 + 另外1 个


什么是所有关于“能源的EIT-KIC大师”? 结构


一个集成的项目也包括在内。 今年夏天,学校包括软技能,如团队建设,网络,领导力,企业家精神和跨文化交际,全部由来自能源行业的专业人士,顾问公司及直辖市有趣的对话推动。


在这里,学生的学习进行整合并应用在其上一年度获得的知识和技能。 项目研究成果将与以期在当前和未来的能源环境优化其价值和应用进行调查。... [-]