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At Harvard Business School, we not only take learning seriously, but we also approach it with a bias. It's a bias so deeply ingrained that some would even refer to it as our signature slant.

The HBX course platform has been designed to bring the dynamism of the HBS classroom to online learning—and deliver transformational educational experiences that enable you to apply your learning.

We believe that learning should be



You won’t find boring lectures in HBX programs. Instead, we keep you engaged through short, highly-produced video content, interactive elements, animations, and reflections. You will be challenged to think on your feet. You will be cold called. Through the process, you will learn more.


We believe that all learning should begin with an immersion in real-world problems. What this means is that nearly every concept, every analytical tool, every framework has been embedded in a series of living case studies that we've developed for HBX. In each case, we ask you to step into the role of a business leader. You learn important business concepts as you work through real-world business challenges.


In HBX programs, we expect you to learn, but we also expect you to exchange ideas with your classmates, to offer and seek help from your peers. HBX programs bring together learners from around the world, and the richness of perspectives will blow you away.

When you enroll in an HBX program, you are making a commitment to becoming an active participant in a community of learners. You are not only signing up to learn, you are signing up to engage.

This is HBX.

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HBX – Harvard Business School’s Classroom Goes Online